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Hate Xbox Costumer Service Empty Hate Xbox Costumer Service

Post  girlygirl on Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:28 pm

Ok. I was on the phone with costumer service for 2 hours with Xbox.. Reinstalled FFXI for 2 more hours. Didn't work. ( I got a new xbox lvie and wanted to link it to PlayOnline ID) sooo. Since my main Xbox Live got suspended i wont be back until Tuesday- If i'm lucky i'll be back tomorrow if the SE costumer service doesn't suck that bad- Because some dude said ( After calling back the Third Time) I have to talk to SE costumer service. And with all the money SE makes- I hope their costumer service isn't that bad where i get relocated around to 3 Different Departments -.- . So see you aroundd- I'll probably complain enough to be back tomorrow night- Meaning i could make it to Sunday's Run. Ehhhhh. -.- I just want my TOKEN OF ACCOMPLISHMENT already! Raja's Ringg<3 . We should really do those runs like... Now. :p
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